Familoop Safeguard

Familoop Safeguard 1.0.2080.562

Smart Parental Control Software to protect and manage online activities of kids

Smart Parental Control Software to protect and manage online activities of kids

Most complete and easy Parental Control Software for kids’ Internet safety, social networks protection, time limits & smart digital parenting. Good for kids of all ages - and especially for those who need a lot of support in following your rules.

Get a complete set of smart tools for social networking protection, safe search, web filtering, time limits, geo-fencing, and more. Familoop Safeguard is incredibly parent-friendly. It has never been so easy to fine-tune controls to fit your family!

Filtering & Blocking:

- Website Filtering & Blocking

- Social Network Blocking

- Intstant Messages/Chat Blocking

- Online Search Filtering

- Application Blocking

Supervision Capabilities:

- Websites Visited

- Online Searches

- Usernames & Passwords

- Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, ...)

- Email (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotspot)

- Chats/ Messengers (Skype, Yahoo! Meggenger, Hangouts)

- Video Sharing Web Sites (YouTube, Vimeo)

- Photo Sharing Web Sites (Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr)

- Comments on websites

- Virtual words

- Apps Used

- Device Time

Installation & Management:

- Web Dashboard

- Remote Management

- Age-based templates of protection rules

- Customizable protection rules

- Activity Reports

- Actionable Insights

Familoop Safeguard connects to 15+ social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and that all automatically, without login and password of your child. Your kids can talk with the same person on different channels - like Facebook, Skype and Email. See the whole story of conversations with any particular person no matter what device your child used and regardless of the communication type and never worry about missing any important piece.

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Familoop Safeguard


Familoop Safeguard 1.0.2080.562

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